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          Web Site Services for Marine Surveyors

          Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace


          What is a Marine Survey
          And Why Should I Get One?

          Web Site Services for Marine Surveyors
          marine engine surveyorsmarine engine surveyors
          Marine Engine Surveyors

          Cargo Survey Specialists

          cargo surveyors    cargo surveyors
          Click on a Region to Find A Marine Surveyor
          CanadaCaribbeanUSAMexico/Central AmericaEuropeAfricaAsiaAustraliaImage Map
          damage and insurance specialists
          Damage & Insurance Specialists

          Yacht Deliveries & Boat Haulers

          boat haulers and yacht delivery  boat haulers and yacht delivery
          wooden boat surveyswooden boat surveysWooden Boat Marine Surveyors
          The marine surveyors listed here are experienced
          in performing marine surveys on wood boats.
          Scheduled Inspection ServicesScheduled Inspection ServicesScheduled Inspection Services

          Does your boat sit for months at a time without using it?
          Have an unbiased professional check on it on a regular basis.
          Rigging SurveysRigging SurveysRigging Surveys

          Marine Surveyors Who Are Qualified to Perform Complete Rigging Surveys

          Web Site Services For Marine Surveyors
          Click Here for information on the cost of web sites for qualified marine surveyors
          Click Here for a list of current Marine Surveyor Clients
          sailboat mastmarine engineAbout Boats & Boating

          A Collection of Articles and Stories Written by Marine Professionals on Topics of Interest to Boaters in General and Marine Surveyors in Particular.

          Please send submissions to Don Robertson.
          gCaptain NewsgCaptain - Maritime and Offshore Industry News On-Line gCaptain News
          Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
          A Marine Surveyor's Web Site

          Some thoughts on what should be in it.
          Don Robertson's Marine MarketplaceBoat Values and the Marine Surveyor
          Some thoughts on the perils of boat appraising.
          Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
          Reference Links For Marine Surveyors
          Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
          The Marine Surveyor's Library

          The Adventures of a Yacht Broker; Circa 1990
          Short Stories by Don Robertson

          diplomadiplomaEducational Courses, Seminars & Meetings
          For Marine Surveyors

          (Earning SAMS®& NAMS®E & CE Credits)
          Click here for a synopsis of a recent Central and Mid Atlantic Marine Surveyors Meeting
          The Icepick Of DoomBoatpokers
          The Email Forum For SAMS® Members
          The Marine Email ExchangeMarine Exchange
          The Email Forum For Marine Professionals

          Modeled after Boatpokers, this paid subscription reflected Email forum is available to all Marine Professional worldwide.
          Milinar MarineMiliner Marine Services
          Eliot, Maine

          Boat Building & Repair
          Professional BoatBuilder Magazine
          How to Buy a BoatDocking Stress
          First Mate Book Cover

          "How-To" Wisdom for Women in Boating, First Mate 101 Has The Confidence-Building Detail You Need To Stop Worrying And Start Boating.
          Dawson's Boat Brochures
          - Need an older boat brochure?
          Have one scanned and Emailed to you for a reasonable fee.
          Inspect Yourself

          Inspect It Yourself and When to Hire a Surveyor.
          I can't tell you how many times I've seen experienced boaters miss important (and expensive!) details when checking out a boat. Their experience isn't inspecting boats for a living--mine is.

          Dock Cruise

          Don't reinvent the wheel.Learn from a couple who has done it all. Covers buying, enjoying, docking, tying, anchoring, ramping, dinghying, using knots, conquering wakes, communicating and docking while cruising.

          Force Five SoftwareSee Level Heaters See Level Marine Heaters
          Heating systems for commercial fishing vessels, pleasure boats and specialized vehicles

          Far too many boat buyers don't even take the boat for a test drive before purchasing. The ones that do, don't know the tricks. Doug taps into his decades of doing boat tests for national magazines to teach you how to "Demo It Like A Pro".

          Ancient ShipsAncient Ships
          One man's study of the earliest ships and how they affected the course of civilization.
          Metallurgical AssociatesMetallurgical Associates
          Metal Testing/Failure Analysis
          Welding Tests, Certification & Evaluation
          Sacramento, California
          Bell Metallurgy
          Bell Metallurgy
          Metallurgical Failure Analysis
          Mark Douglas Bell, PE, Consulting Metallurgical Engineer
          San Diego, California
          Chambre Nationale des Experts Maritimes PlaisanceFederation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and ConsultantsInternational Institute of Marine SurveyingNational Association of Marine SurveyorsSociety of Accredited Marine SurveyorsYacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association
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          The Adventures of a Yacht Broker; Circa 1990
          Short Stories by Don Robertson
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